Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Somebody Send Up a Bat Signal Next Time, Huh?

I'm proud of much that I've put on this blog. So far as I can tell, nowhere else on the Internet can you find reviews of Peanuts television specials on the level that you will find here. A few chapters of my upcoming self-published Sonic Youth tour journals have popped up, hopefully with the result of whetted appetities. But perhaps my most notable contribution(s) can be found by searching "Shonen Knife" in the blogger search bar to the upper left. Scroll down and you'll see the most complete overview of the band's recorded output spread out over five posts, a concert review, and the one that started it all, my review and upload of the Knife's first-ever release, the Minna Tanoshiku cassette. Where else can you find so much friggin' Shonen in the blogworld? And they deserve every sentence my fingers can flurry forth.

So you think I'd know when Shonen Knife releases a new album. (In November, even!) Japanese-only release or not, that's hardly an excuse. That's de rigeur in Knife land these days. I should be up on this, should be scouring Ebay so I can get it at a price slightly less pocket-gouging than standard export CDs traditionally demand (just like I did with their last release, fun!fun!fun!).

I feel especially that I am losing out with this one. Feast your eyes on that tracklisting: "Muddy Bubbles Hell", "Deer Biscuits", "BBQ Party", "Your Guitar". This is Naoko Yamano on the top of her title game, no question. Also, yes, the final song is a cover of one of my favorite songs of the 70s.

Until I can get ahold of this CD (and punch in for another day of the factory), this will have to suffice. "Put the Knife under the scalpel", I wish I'd thought of that.

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