Friday, January 23, 2009

A Brief Note

For the guy at the gym who made that wiseass crack about me to his buddy when we were all gathered by the ab benches--

The ironing is crazy delicious. You looked like Alfred E. Neuman and Ethel from Archie Comics had a kid. Then beat it upside the face with a detached stapler for the first seven years of its life.

(For any and all interested...I've lost 18 pounds so far.)


  1. Was this at Golds? You should have said it to him in person. What a dick.

    When my membership contract reverted to month-to-month, I canceled it and joined the YMCA. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. The Y is not only a dump in comparison to Golds, the locker room is down right creepy. There are men (most older) that just sit around naked and talk to each other or watch TV. The day before yesterday, there were a couple of them watching Troy buck-ass naked.

    That crap never went on at Golds.

  2. Yep, Golds Gym. And Rick, if I had not been at the end of my workout--thus feeling all beat up and sweaty--I would have told him to his face. I just swallowed it in and determined to finish up.

    The Village People totally lied about the YMCA, I see.