Thursday, December 8, 2011

Since Words Are My Business, And All

My fantasy of getting paid for my writing is creeping closer to reality. I say nothing more. At this time.

What I would like to do with this post is give readers a solid overview of where I am in running this here business. I've wanted to do something all-encompassing for some time now, but held off for a variety reasons, chief among them the fear that it was just my hubris short-circuiting my brain.

So with cause for optimism and walk to match the talk, here it is.


415 101

My baby, and this gestation period has been ridiculous. Yet, it has been exactly the length it should be. The first of "The Lucy Wayne Trilogy," this finds this not-quite heroine struggling to find her creative feet with adulthood looming. Release date late 2012.

The Grief Show

Second of the trilogy. My attempt at combining the hoary theater troupe premise with the most devastating event that any human being can ever face. Project 70% completed.

Mother Brain

Lucy goes out in style. Also, to Japan. Eschews the ensemble and focuses on duality-as-joy-as-agony. Project 15% completed, a number which will leap by the end of the year.

One Crisis At a Time

Not part of any trilogy, 'cause then that would indicate I don't know how to count. Tale of a single case involving Washington D.C.-based private detective Laura Hamer. I have about 12 different ways I could take this...still in the outlining process.


Spirit Desire

AKA, "No Setlist 2." The first monster dedication to inspiration proved so popular I had to do a second pressing, which itself has sold out. This blog let me know people wanted to read what I wrote, but that book told me they were also willing to pay for it as well. What a world. This will not be published until 415 101 comes out, so late 2012, early 2013 for this baby.


Lyrics For Monster Movie Music

Collected verses/fragments since 1995. Release date 2012.


A Splash of Her #1

Thanks to a friends suggestion, Patrick and myself are partaking on what we hope will be a multi-issue zine-dealy. The debut issue (featuring my text and Trick's image-mashing) showcases the women in music who have influenced me the most profoundly as both a female and artist. If this sounds rote to you, then you must not be very familiar with my writing. I don't do "rote." I do, rather: Entertaining. Edifying. Honest.

Release date January 2012.


Yeah, I'll still be tossing up the goods right here on Trapper as well.

The Space In Between Is the Place--Devo and B-52s discography review (January 2012)

Neither Elegy Nor Effigy Be--The 30 Greatest Sonic Youth Songs (And 10 Worst) (January 2012)

Glamour Boys--Duran Duran 1980s discography review (February 2012)

It's the Girl in the Red Truck, Charlie Brown (February 2012)

Blogs Ruined Music For an Entire Generation--Free Kitten discography review (March 2012)

It's the Pied Piper, Charlie Brown (April 2012)

He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (April 2012)

The NASA Space Station (May 2012)

Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown (June 2012)

The Birth of the Constitution (July 2012)

Snoopy's Reunion (July 2012)

He's a Bully, Charlie Brown (August 2012)

The Wright Brothers At Kitty Hawk (August 2012)

Happiness Is a Warm Blanket (September 2012)

Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (October 2012)

The Mayflower Voyagers (November 2012)

Shut Up, White Girl--My Ten Favorite Hip Hop Albums of All-Time (December 2012)

Gods For the Godless--Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth discography review (January 2013)

I would so love to have the Big 4 reviews out sooner, but that shit is just a massive undertaking. That said, I've never felt discouraged, just...beaten. But that's good, y'see. Writing should make you feel like you're either about to conquer the world or get crushed underneath of it.