Monday, August 7, 2017

Get This Work: The Music of Shonen Knife


Full-length #20, drummer #68. At least Atsuko's still in Rocket #9.

"Jump Into the New World"--Enter the No Apprehension Zone. A bad episode of The West Wing, a good U2 song. Y'know--less sheen, more edge.

Thanks for not X'ing out.

"Rock N Roll T-Shirt"--Def Leppard? Naw, Metallica. Shirt-wise, I mean. This ain't "Photograph," but it ain't "No Leaf Clover" neither. A person's strut is proportional to what's covering their chest. Letters colors lines--mind the tag.

"Calabash"--Would you rather be lucky or charming? Impressive and unnecessary, like a Bozzio drum kit.

"Dog Fight"--The tacos in Ron, Mexico are too peppery for me.

"Wasabi"--"Why is it so hot?"

Why isn't levitation taught in schools? Try eating snakes in a can. Nein gut. The black leather groove of a 55-year-old woman is a sunrise.

"Green Tangerine (Kabosu)"--Tasty number (oh ho), purely for the young of tongue. In another universe, Shonen Knife reigns as the best Ramones cover band; in still another, the Shirelles with instruments.

"Imi (Emoji)"--Devil horn clown face green heart. Adorably high-energy and low-sugar. If you feel guilty, well, that's y'own fault.

"Hawaii"--Peace, love and loco moco. My arms are up, my eyes are shut. Swaying is saving is savoring.

"Tasmanian Devil"--What else could this song be but a Dalmatian puppy with an unpeeled banana in its mouth?

"Cotton Candy Clouds"--Tomorrow always knows. Thus why it exudes confidence as today quivers and twitches on dry land.

Are the airplanes made of funnel cake? Why not.

Ten songs, thirty-four minutes. Chocolate, peanut butter. For real, forever. Lovely together and never to be torn asunder, do you hear me, Reese's Pieces?