Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Memo From the Beagle

I don't spend much on Ebay goods anymore, but when I do, I score. Behold, a Snoopy memo book made in Japan, purchased from a seller based in China. Asians be lovin' the Snoop.

Nothing says "that dog is the coolest" like a skateboard. I do love the one-dimensional depiction of Snoopy on the cover (a rendering almost utterly unique to East-based products) and the "who's awesome, me?" drawing on the back. (Although those E.T. fingers are a bit, um, strange.)

There's some kanji above the words "Made in Japan". My Japanese is thus far very rusty (soon Rosetta Stone, soon), but my best guess is that it translates as, "Endo Shozo is a pretendo bozo".

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