Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jeremy Roenick For Commish

'Cause Bettman is taking the incompetence thing too far!

Jeremy Roenick has always been good for the NHL. Natural talent, passion for the game, and honesty before the media. It's why he's the only hockey player you'll see on PTI despite neither Wilbon or Kornheiser knowing or caring about the sport. (And they should; the Caps are for real, and the Wizards suck.) If not a player/commish, Roenick should at least be an offseason media coach.

“You know, Sidney reminds me a lot of Wayne Gretzky in the way he deals with the media. It’s like he’s watched tapes of Wayne as a kid and memorized all his lines. Wayne never went out of the ordinary in terms of what he said, and that was fine for him. But as a league you definitely need some of your key guys to step up and be colorful.

“Then you look at Ovechkin – his heart is on his sleeve, he’s out there smiling all the time, he’s talking during games, he’s jumping in the air after he scores, he’s not afraid to say what he wants to say during interviews.

“Every time he’s out there, he’s showing the people what a joy it is to play hockey. We need as many guys like him as we can get.”

Reminiscient of Alex Rodriguez studying under the unwitting tutelage of Cal Ripken re: "How to Be a Phenomenal Athletic Talent While Still Maintaining an Utterly Milquetoast Disposition." Crosby really can't win for losing with the way the league has set him up to be a savior, but if he showed some backbone, some wit, some color, some proof of pulse...maybe hockey fans outside the Steel City wouldn't look at him as some pampered uber-douche. You never know.

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