Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Indiest Catch

Tonight will be spent at the 9:30 Club, watching and listening and overall indieing to a reunited Sebadoh. Per reviews, they aren't doing much later period stuff, but so long as they do "Gimme Indie Rock" people who think they're too "rooted in what's really going on" will "enjoy it".

Yeah, the quotation mark generation never dies, it just shrugs its shoulders and lets the new breed takes its place on the floor.

Charles Schulz was onto something when he created "5." The character never made too much impact (hence his absence from my list of greatest Peanuts) but the backstory of 5 was too delicious: his father, despairing over the perceived omnipresence of numbers in the lives of everyday people, names his children 3, 4 and 5. This paranoid, hysterical renunication of letters as personal identification (and identity) was one of Schulz's most penetrating ideas, answering in one way a query many fans of the strip often pondered: what would the Peanuts kids be like as adults? Overaware and naming their children in surrender, for one thing. So many people my age and younger are still clinging to an ironic, hyper-clever mindstate like it's a window ledge. One of them will finally snap in a brilliant way and couch the names of their future children in quotation marks. Yet another will bookend his offsprings names with punctuation marks (!David%). And the trend will be born along with those poor schmos. Pitchforkmedia bylines are gonna be a fucking mess to read in 20 years

Tonight's show means I will miss the premiere episode of Season 3 of "World's Deadliest Catch", on Discovery Channel. Lest I despair and rename myself, it will only be rerun several dozen more times over the next week.

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