Sunday, April 8, 2007

Another Week, Another Round of Bitching With Two Days Where No One Says Anything Interesting, Thereby Necessitating a Goofy Photo

Hello, Herald Mail. I don't think this recent time limit you hath imposed on "You Said It" is helping the overall quality any.


The first statement of note comes from good ol' H-town: "I just wanted to say that the police are not your personal bodyguards....Be aware of what and who is around you. The world is full of crazies. Live safe."

The best part about this is imagining the voice of the person as they said it. Are these truly Christian words of caution, perhaps uttered by an elderly soul stirred by the most recent rerun of Murder, She Wrote on Lifetime? Or--even more sinister, Angela Lansbury notwithstanding--could it be the faux-innocuous "warning" of a "crazy"? It almost seems ridiculous that Hagerstown could have a mass murderer, or serial killer. Is that the next step towards infamy for the Hub City? From racism to Kix to Walmart to 34 found dead near Hagers Crossing? Nah...that's really more of a Gaithersburg thing.

"I think it's a disgrace what the Democrats are trying to do to our military boys, our soldiers...."--MONT ALTO, PA

Oh God, who let Pennsylvania in? It's more than disgraceful that there are people who seem to be in denial about women in the military. Or do they not count, since they shouldn't even be there anyway?


It's the best hip-hop related food item since Cool J Cookies!


"I'd like to thank my snow angels this year..."--SHARPSBURG

This is not a fucking retrospective! The snow is gone. Done. Melted like a drenched witch. No more do we have to trudge, or dodge, or shovel, or wipe. Bye bye to the black piles at WalMart with shopping carts perched precariously atop. I beseech you: no more snow angels!

"How easy New Yorkers forget what Rudy Guiliani did for New York in time of 9/11....they're backing Hillary Clinton. Well, they'll get what they deserve when she gets in office, and so will the US once these other countries see what a weak nation they are"--BOONSBORO

9/11 doesn't wipe away Guiliani's Disney-fication of what was one of the edgiest cities in America, nor his infamous statement one month after 9/11, "The air quality is safe and acceptable", when it was in fact especially toxic. Pay attention, and you will know that New Yorkers had grievances with "America's Mayor" before and after the September tragedy. He did nothing during that time other than make himself visible and say all the right things. (Ever wonder why people call Bush an idiot? He couldn't even do that.)



"I would like to see the Costco finally come to Hagerstown. It would definitely help our economy....People will travel from all over to come to a Costco. Also, what happened to our Starbucks? They're on every corner any place else, and we can't even get one in Hagerstown!"

I'm just shaking my head over the rush to make Hagerstown more than the one-horse town it is. Enough with yearning for what every big city has, when we are not in that league and never will be. Barnwood Books is going to be gone soon, as the building it is housed in will soon be turned into a condominium. Super. Who exactly wants to live on South Potomac Street, one of the most cramped areas in town? The idea seems to be to bring a better "type" of person around here to live (if not work) by remodeling existing buildings in less-than desirable areas, as if the appearance of the street will improve the denizens alongside. People are always the last consideration.

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