Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spam of Doom

A while ago I took a quiz at one of those specialty sites...can't even remember what for now. Anyway, I had to be reminded to take myself off their email list when I received an email from them in my spam folder entitled "when will you die jenn". They want you to take the ever-popular predict-your-death-age quiz, of course, but I just couldn't get over the morbidity of it all. What a hell of a thing to see on your screen!

Today at the gym, while warming up for my weight circuit routine, I put a 17.5 lb. dumbbell back on the rack improperly. It fell seven or eight inches onto my right foot. It didn't hurt anywhere near as much you'd think or fear, probably due to my sneakers, which are more padded than the dancers butts in that new BK Spongebob ad (whatever they paid Sir Mix-a-Lot, it wasn't enough). I was able to do my hour-long workout without any pain (only occasional discomfort when walking), which is a great sign. I sit here now typing with the "hillbilly icepack" on: a Ziploc bag filled with cubes, kept tight in place around my bruised limb with duct tape.

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