Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not To Be Confused With, "The Despairing of Apartness"

Let it be known, I am a big fan of the rapper Redman. Despite the fact that he has for seventeen years extolled little else other than the joys of marijuana--ecstasies that I am intentionally ignorant of--I look forward to his verses like the cast of The Girlie Show looks forward to Sandwich Day.

The impending Method Man/Redman album Blackout 2 means promotion. Which means interviews.

“Marijuana has always been that drug that united people. It’s always been on the verge of being legal. It’s hardly a drug really. When people look at marijuana, they look at it as an enjoyment of connecting,” says Redman.

A couple li'l things here.

I cannot stand when defenders of the "sacred herb" state that it is actually not even a drug. When it is. We here at Trapper Jenn MD (which is, um, me) normally approach citing Wikipedia with trepidation, but some of the articles on the site are credible. Whether you partake of it or not, you should be able to admit that marijuana is a drug.

Then we have that whole "enjoyment of connecting". I get what Red's trying to say here, but the terminology is hilarious. I've heard of "enjoyment by connecting" and "enjoyment while connecting", but never "enjoyment of connecting" by itself. "Enjoyment of connecting the input cable thus being able to hear the audio", yeah, that I get. But just those three words all by their lonesome, how pseudo-Zen.

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