Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Crap, the Heat!

I missed it, I won't lie. By mid-August everyone 'round these parts will be bitching about it but for right now goddamnit, these sunny days are welcome. Among other benefits, I get to walk two miles total to and from work, and the blazing sun will help with my Vitamin D deficiency.

Yeah, that'll do.

My mother just put some fresh newspaper on the bottom of the bird cage for her unappreciative parakeet, Snowflake. It just so happened to be the comics section, featuring a vintage Peanuts where Snoopy is driven from the top of his doghouse by an imperceptible spider. I was looking at it to appreciate the irony/tragedy/comedy/something-y of a reprinted work of art put in place to catch bird droppings when I noticed that Snowflake has a sense of humor.

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