Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Plundering With Tavaris and Sage

Sounds like I'm about to season some protein, but no, the NFL 2009 schedule came out today, and the Minnesota Vikings have, on the surface, an easy run of it.

Sunday Sept 13, 12 pm CT @ Cleveland Browns (FOX)

Sunday Sept 20, 12 pm CT @ Detroit Lions (FOX)

Sunday Sept 27, 12 pm CT vs. San Francisco 49ers (FOX)

Monday Oct 5, 7:30 pm CT vs. Green Bay Packers (ESPN)

Sunday Oct 11, 12 pm CT @ St. Louis Rams (FOX)

Sunday Oct 18, 12 pm CT vs. Baltimore Ravens (CBS)

Sunday Oct 25, 12 pm CT @ Pittsburgh Steelers (FOX)

Sunday Nov 1, 12 pm CT @ Green Bay Packers (FOX)


Sunday Nov 15, 12 pm CT vs. Detroit Lions (FOX)

Sunday Nov 22, 12 pm CT vs. Seattle Seahawks (FOX)

Sunday Nov 29, 12 pm CT vs. Chicago Bears (FOX)

Sunday Dec 6, 3:15 pm CT @ Arizona Cardinals (FOX)

Sunday Dec 13, 12 pm CT vs. Cincinnati Bengals (CBS)

Sunday Dec 20, 7:20 pm CT @ Carolina Panthers (NBC)

Monday Dec 28, 7:30 pm CT @ Chicago Bears (ESPN)

Sunday Jan 3, 12 pm CT vs. New York Giants (FOX)

Starting off against the Browns, Lions and Niners? Two MNF games? Makes up for having to face the Ravens and Steelers back-to-back. Does not make up for the fact that Minnesota's QB corps is just one step above Bobby Hebert/Bubby Brister.

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