Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Greatest Episode of Behind the Music of All-Time Ever

With the news that VH1 is resurrecting Behind the Music, it's only right that I share this link to the greatest episode ever. It's not the Motley Crue installment; legendarily debauched though that segment is, the publication of The Dirt pretty much made it inadequate in every aspect. It's the episode dedicated to Texas metallers Pantera.

In terms of drugged-out rock star-isms, they lagged behind--mainly a shitload of irresponsible imbibing and the lead singers unfortunate flirtation with Burroughs spinach--but their reputation for making music so heavy and groovy that their songs practically groaned and stank earned them a rabid following. Their BTM is ceaselessly involving: the mainstream success of an uncompromising metal band after their inauspicious, glammy origins is easy to root for, and the way it all ended is firmly without precedent in the annals of music history.

I fear Li'l Wayne sippin' on some sizzurp just can't compare.

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