Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Mamas Little Helpers

Falling apart can wisen you up.

If you are really serious about the quest for self-betterment, you will seek knowledge. And you will be deluged with information about ways to mentally and physically improve that unique bundle of hopes, fears, dreams, proclivities and Chemical X that you call YOU.

I've already gone over my decision to treat panic disorder without the help of any medication. But I can't eschew pills so haphazardly when it comes to the body.

Behold, big mamas little helpers.

Vitamin B12--Promotes metabolism. As of right now, I have it in case I need an emergency energy boost. I do not take it daily because I already take....

CoEnzyme Q10--Recommended highly by Dr. Andrew Weill, this is marketed as a "dietary supplement", but is more importantly an antioxidant that assists with cellular metabolism. It's not some fat-burning wonder pill. Two to three of these a day does me fine.

Magnesium--This friend to the nervous system is most helpful when I feel panic attacks coming on. Some ER doctors even treat panic-ridden cases with a healthy dose of the stuff. The connection between anxiety disorder and magnesium deficiency assures this bottle a permanent place in my container.

Torsemide--AKA, a diuretic. Taken twice a week to eliminate excess water weight.

Daily Vitamin--Like the B12, on hold. Right now I'm getting a lot of Vitamin A and C through food and beverage, and the one-a-day will come into play when I'm not drinking so much vitamin juice or eating so many vegetables.

Vitamin D--Just joined the family this week. My most recent blood work showed a deficiency of this bone buddy, meaning I need more sun. Well, it has been the winter, people. To put me on the right path, I was prescribed a years worth of refills. Which sounds like a lot. But it's not. I take one pill a week.

Four pills in one of those bottles. How can the pharmacies be so economically-unsound in these times?

Oh hai, pills! I seeeeeeee you!

So does any of this crap help? Well, with a healthy diet and exercise routine that just keeps getting more intense, I'm now at 35 pounds lost with 25 to go to reach my goal.

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