Sunday, March 15, 2009

Idiots On YouTube, Accessory To Attempted Murder Edition

There's no end to the ways people will degrade themselves on video. YouTube provides exponential proof. It can be as innocuous as a lone soul with their acoustic performing some shit cover of a ballad, or as hysterically insane as "Leave Britney alone!" Just today, however, a shaky, grainy cameraphone vid of the attempted murder of West Coast MC Crooked I popped up on the Tube.

This disturbing clip jibes with what little Crooked I himself would indulge about the incident:

"Say you're walking down the street. Some dude comes up to you with a camera phone and he's like, 'Can you give a shout-out?' " Crooked explained. "You're like, 'OK,' and you're shouting the dude out. Three seconds later, somebody is shooting at you. Was dude [with the camera phone] trying to get me to stand still? Was he in on it? Was it a coincidence? I don't know. Mentally I had to fall back for a couple of days. I've been in those situations where people take shots or whatever. I'm relaxed around the hip-hop fans. I'm a very accessible dude. When dude came up and was like, 'Can you give me a shout out?' I'm like, 'Cool, what do you want me to say?' Three seconds later, I hear a noise. I [was] so far removed from the fact it can be gunshots. Then I turn around and see sparks. That's strange."

I cannot fathom the gall and stupidity of these "men". To be so envious of someone using their talent to go places that you would premeditate their demise, then to put the video up on YouTube?

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