Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Wonder If He Demanded Restitution?

Proving that he actually has some gray matter amidst all the muscle mass, Jimmy Chamberlin has left the Smashing Pumpkins, leaving the man he has repeatedly referred to as his "best friend" to carry on that band's legacy all by his lonesome.

This is devastating to Billy Corgan on multiple levels. Now the Smashing Pumpkins is pretty much just a worthless brand name, a vanity project. It's like Sting touring as the Police without Stewart Copeland. Leading to the next level. Chamberlin was a beast behind the drums. As much as the "drums louder than God"* production style of the alterna-90s could make even lightweights like Matt Cameron of Soundgarden sound like 'roided-up Bonham Jrs, take it from someone who saw the Pumpkins live--Chamberlin really was that proficient and powerful. He was always Corgan's musical ace in the hole. Even the most ardent Billy-basher had to give his drummer some.

No more.

*copyright Lee Ranaldo, 1994.

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