Monday, December 29, 2008

Never Forget That Bob Geldof Is Irish

Last night as I lay in bed, NBC's Sunday Night Football "game" between the Broncos and Chargers on the TV, I realized:

--The Chargers are getting into the playoffs with an 8-8 record. Meanwhile, the Patriots miss out with a record of 11-5. No one outside the state of Massachusetts is upset about that last one.

--The Chargers completely deserve to be in the postseason, just off the Week 1 "Hochulima".

--I can't wait for Brett Favre to leave. Matt Ryan is more than ready to step up into the role of "white boy QB the media can't wait to blow".

--U2's "New Years Day" is one of the most engaging songs of the 80s, a decade whose musical legacy I defend to the death, or at least the cousin of. You got The Edge using guitar effects tastefully, a killing fields bass line, Bono not singing about lemons. Where did it all go wrong? Well, they're from Ireland. All good things from Ireland drop more precipitously than good things from other countries. U2's music, James Joyce's eyesight, Samuel Beckett's writing. It's a total legacy.

--The Vikings probably won't make it past the first round, but so what? They won the division, and over the course of the season beat the other three NFC division leaders while they were at it. Happiness is a warm field goal. Bring on Kevin Kolb!

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