Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Just a Fantasy. It's Not the Real Thing.

So after three years in the Instigator Fantasy Football League on Yahoo, I've finally reached the championship game. My opponent is a fellow Sonic Youth fan who stood at number one for most of the season until being defeated and usurped by my awesome ass.

If I lose, I finish second. A position in which there is no shame, at least not when you're talking about internet-based competitions.

And a loss is a real possibility. Although I do have the edge in head-to-head battle, can I do it again? I'm a 17 point underdog, thanks to the presence of Drew Brees (playing fucking Detroit! The Lions!), Steve Slaton (the Texans don't suck anymore!), LaDanian Tomlinson (one TD, 63 yards), super-kicker Rob Bironas and DeMarcus Ware on his team. On my side I have Pro Bowl snub Phillip Rivers, Randy Moss, Steve Smith, Maurice Jones-Drew, and the Baltimore defense.

I will likely not win. My main hope is, then, to not lose by a lot. I have no players taking the field in the Monday night game, while my opponent has the Chicago defense against the Packers. It's like a clash of the shitans, but there's always the chance Aaron Rodgers could not gulp 'n' blow.

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