Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Broken Lead


Only three years.

"Gonna See My Friend"--'Bout a drug. The drug of…love of…sweet sweet tuneage. Brothers and sisters, a fishing trip awaits. BYOB. All sharp, no squirm.

"Got Some"--Wait, this might be the drug ode. "Let's go, yeah!" Don't expect to disappear into the background.

"The Fixer"--The rib-sticker, the back-of-neck pricker. Ironic chorus in the manner of "Alive," which seems a hundred years old now. Zips along like a chihuahua in a cornfield. The most vital word in music has not changed since the mania first hit.

"Johnny Guitar"--Great concept: guy falls in a sort of love with a chick on an album cover. A guy who's the diametric opposite of Johnny Guitar, sensitivity to spare. He remembers most important dates, has a good relationship with his mother and most crucially, does not have to be pointed towards the clitoris.

"Just Breathe"--"I'm a lucky man." Wow, and Backspacer came out before the Cubbies won!

I'd like to believe my dad thought these lyrics, more or less, in his head. Where they stayed, since he lacked the confidence to set them free.

"Amongst the Waves"--Jellyfish are like coconut flakes, ruining whatever they touch.

"Unthought Known"--Clever. Title stole a few seconds, won't lie. Song itself is a perpetually clogged kitchen sink.

"Supersonic"--At last, an ode to those triplet towers of rhyme, JJ Fad. Just jammin' fresh and def! They had a rapper named JB! A sama lama lama lama!

If only. This "Supersonic" is five peanut-heads realizing they need to make weight and fast.

"Speed of Sound"--Loper. It can afford such leisure. Some chick in Evanston got her first finger-bang to this.

"Force Of Nature"--"He" and "she." Christ, at least Bon Jovi gave 'em names.

One door opens, revealing another door, another, another, each smaller than the last till the last, the knob of which is no bigger than an ant's butt. I had the power to stop opening doors at any time. I did not exercise that power.

"The End"--An alternative to the bad stuff. Here, there and everywhere. Deadlier than a gambling debt, uglier than a meth whore.

Put that on a shirt.

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