Friday, February 6, 2009

The Only Poetry Post Ever on This Blog

Done per special request, these are some selections from a lyric game that me and some friends do. The idea is to write some insulting, funny stanza. Points given for rudeness, crudeness, vocabulary, and humor. These are my selections:

Several vaginas line up in a b boy stance
Grape pits and ape sh!ts mark the shirt stains
Unbelievably cast in the role of a tolerable
Human being with a straw nose, porkpie face, and bucket ears
You're worse than a rapist with a stutter
A murderer with bad credit
A vegan with a budget
I can't feel you
I yearn to rip your nose hairs out and glue them together
For no fuckin' reason
That's why you exist

With the alphabet I get pimp as hell
Nas is better than Tom's favorite MC, it ain't hard to tell
But you say, "Oh well"
Like you dropped down a bucket and pulled up an orgasm
I can't fathom the spasm
You got opinions, fantastic, every idiot has 'em
I call up a friend and make some chocolate cake
You try to make a sandwich, but you make a mistake
You don't put the bread in the middle, asshole!
I beat you upside the head with a tuna casserole
Now I'm getting hungry, I gotta exit stage center
Jenn The Benn the winner, I'm what's for dinner

1 comment:

  1. just amazing word play, certainly squeezing out the mind grapes