Monday, June 2, 2008

In Summary: Heart Attack, Not Funny; Falling Through the Floor, Way Funny

What's almost as bad as a mild heart attack? When media reports refer to you by the fictional character you portrayed on television in the headline of a story about your mild heart attack.

I kinda got rehooked on Frasier after weeks of recovery spent watching late-night airings on Lifetime. It's kind of the worst-kept secret of the past 20 years of TV that David Hyde Pierce pretty much owned that show. Take the episode where his character, Niles Crane, gets parenting pangs and takes to toting around a bag of flour like a baby. He ends up tearing it, setting it on fire and best of all, having a nightmare where his flour baby is kidnapped, prompting the captors to send muffins in the mail. That is hysterical, and indicative of the class writing that show was blessed with. It was kinda too good for Kelsey Grammer, really. You think Grammer could pull off the line "Fuck my cock!" in a Janeane Garofalo comedy? Hell no.

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