Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dear Revolution, Hurry Up

So no, I haven't touched mitts to Hits Are For Squares yet. Likely won't for awhile. As much as I adore Sonic Youth, I've never been a completist sort. I'm far too busy collecting Snoopy to worry much about scouring Ebay for that orange vinyl 7" of "Silver Rocket". That's why I'm forever grateful to our dear friend Innaweb, as it has provided us with not only the new track "Slow Revolution" but also scans of the CD booklet.

"Slow Revolution" is a Kim track. It's not Rather Ripped at all, but it has been rended; it's psychedelic in the manner of Susan Atkins' latest CT scan. A blanket of notes, chords tickled not tanked. Nothing's gonna change Kim's world. A mood movie that would never make any album.

Now, thoughts on the liners, which the printed matter maniac that long ago erected a mighty pup tent in my soul was anticipating most.

--Catherine Keener, oh Lord. I can only assume if not hope that selections from Sesame Street Presents the Counts Greatest Hits compose the other nine. The "precocious genius of Kathleen Hannah"? That's funny on a couple levels.

--"You can't front on the guitars." Mike D writes the way the Dust Brothers sample! And that note about the Jason Lee cameo, wow, revelatory. Bruce Willis is dead.

--So, Beck could have selected "Star Power". Yet didn't. Suck wee like a teething toddler who found Daddy's new console.

--Curious as to which member of Radiohead wrote that blurb. Surely to fuck it did not take all of them to state the awesomely obvious.

--Bitch, did you just say "proto-hipsters"?

--Allison Anders won.

--There goes Eggers again, trying to hammer a nail with a screwdriver. Watt Meltzer, yo. Bitch, did you just say "throw chingasos"?

--Yeah, man, fuck coffee. Stick your dick right in it! Eetai! Oh shit, people, Eddie Vedder just said "fuck coffee" for a Starbucks compilation! I bet anyone who was holding the actual liners in their hands got the tremors of a die hard boozer when they read that for the first time. So recalcitrant, so pure, so real! My God, is it still possible in this fragmented, amoral day and age for people to still be as heartfelt and uncontaminated as Eddie Vedder?

--Flea's right, actually.

--Where one David fails, another succeeds. Well played.

--Chloe Sevigny once said the Stones were better than the Beatles because they were ostensibly "sexier" and "clever" and "raw", so dangerous! Yeah, I don't know how the status quo ever survived minacious ol' Charlie Watts.

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