Friday, May 1, 2009

The One Where My Life Gets Flip Turned Upside Down

Come the end of June, I will be leaving my current position as a title abstractor. July will be dedicated to Sonic Youth concerts, then by August I'll have hopefully parlayed connections into a new abstracting position in Montgomery County. There's a lot bubbling right now, but it would be very foolish of me to presume anything as of the moment. I will be in Montgomery County as a permanent resident by the end of summer, this I can guarantee. No one is happier to hear that news than me.

By the end of June, No Setlist should be ready for print. I could not be more thrilled to get my writing out there for any and all interested. Even if they don't know they are yet.

Cognizant of the fact that my new, non-fam boss will likely not accommodate my proclivity towards SY live overload, I'll be enjoying this tour like it's their last. My current SY tour plans (my blog will house the reviews and pics of all future SY shows) are as follows:

July 3--NYC
July 5--DC
July 8--Richmond
July 23--Boise
July 25--Seattle
July 28--Portland
July 30--Salt Lake City
July 31--Denver
August 2--Oakland

Any future NYC, DC, Cali, or possible Vancouver gigs, well...just add 'em on.

Sonic life is eternal.

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