Tuesday, February 16, 2016

No One Saved My Life Tonight

Recently started work on my first (likely only) short story collection, No One Saved My Life Tonight.  The seventeen stories within were inspired by Patrick Suddath's "Ethereal Serene" playlist on Spotify.  Here's what you can expect.

Heart of the Moon
A week in the life of a queer Francophile who sees the world at his whim--in black and white or color, in flesh or animation.

Each Yearning
It is the destiny of some to be nothing.

A mother saves her family from a house fire.

She Of Underneath
For some people, foreplay begins on the job.

Dream House
From upstairs to downstairs, what does it mean and why can't they leave?

It Has Come, It Will Go
She's looking for a way to amicably end their relationship; he shows her one.

Shattered Glass Slippers
Wrap up debut novel, help defuse a hostage situation.  Not a bad week.

Time Lord
Why kill time when you can change it.  Again and again and again.

Stop Drop Shake Rattle and Roll
If you want to determine the depths of a love, just dive in screaming.

Man Is
An island.  That ain't water surrounding him.

A woman hopes to record evidence of a chatty cemetery.

Write Me Letters
Friends with benefits.  Families with grudges.

No One Saved My Life Tonight

A beach house is the perfect place for an epiphany.

Henry Is Unwell
A man notices great authors tend to be behave a little…differently.

From Me To You
A father writes his daughter.

The Sick and the Damned
Sometimes it is where you're from.

The Life Expectancy of a Human Skeleton
The evolution of one man's diet. 

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