Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Action in the Morning

Yeah..this is what happens when I need a soundtrack for the morning and decide to browse video game songs that have been ripped to YouTube.

Because honestly, part of appreciating how horrible a gaming experience Action 52 is includes realizing the anti-artistry displayed by the composers as well as the designers.  But when I got to the theme for the second level of Lollipops, I was in for a jolt that my coffee couldn't hope to equal.

Are you serious?

In an interview with Ink 19  to promote the release of her debut album The Golden Dove, Mary Timony was asked what inspired the "beautiful and amazing" melody of "Dr. Cat."

"I think I was just playing around with a drum machine beat; it was just a fun, spur-of-the-moment melody."

Or, you jacked it from a virtually unplayable game on a virtually unplayable multi-cart released on Nintendo in the early 1990s.  Either way, well done.

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