Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Greatest Peanuts Strips--Prologue

Beginning next Monday, I will be posting the first in a series spotlighting what I and I alone feel are the ultimate strips in the 50 year history of Peanuts. More specifically, the top 50 dailies and top 20 Sundays.

This was not easy whatsoever. Poring over 17,897 strips was daunting; while I believe that at no period in time did the creativity of Charles Schulz vamoose the scene, there were stretches when it flagged. He did on occasion repeat a gag, or belabor a point. I defy anyone to do anything for 50 years--including existing--and maintain your apex moment throughout, without divergence.

On Sunday, as a teaser, I will be posting those strips that just barely missed the big lists.

1 comment:

  1. If anyone has the meticulous leave-no-stone-unturned attention-to-detail mad-skills to do this project - its you!

    I look forward to your exquisitely curated selections ;-)