Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Real Writing

I've had a Sonic Youth discography review ready for fucking yonks. From the first EP to The Eternal, song by song. I'm proud of it; I think it goes beyond being merely one fan's opinions and by turns edifies and entertains.

Which is kinda why I'm mad that it's going on here.

You can't tell me I'm not as good a writer as any number of journos who get bylines, both in print and on screen. But because I maintain a personal blog, my writing is somehow "lesser than."

That's why I made No Setlist a book, and one hell of a book at that. It deserved it. The sequel, likewise. Also, Sonic Youth deserved to have a homage from a fan available in a medium the members themselves have long championed.

And this discography review should be on a music site. Or in print. But...it's gonna be on here. Starting next Monday, March 29th, and ending on Sunday April 4th.

To y'all who've stuck around, bless ya.