Friday, July 17, 2009


I just acquired an ISBN # for No Setlist, and tomorrow I'll be ordering barcode stickers. This helps my chances of getting the book on actual bookstore shelves and is necessary to sell it on Amazon (awaiting order confirmation).

Taking at least one on my West Coast trip, for Names. Kegmama will have hers by then, and I have no idea if Chris wants one or not. As far as copies for the band...this is why I wish Patrick was going with me. He'd make me approach a member, likely Lee or Steve. He'd make me tell them who I was and what I had done and that's my Sonic Youth book on their Myspace, Facebook, and forum pages.

I don't know what scares me more: approaching them in person about this book, or the possibility they may not really be too concerned about it.

Every artist--and please understand I am not just some bum-ass fan with a hair up her ass, I have dreamt of being a published author since age ten--has fears. But they also need strength.


  1. (Grmph, something went wrong with my first post - second attempt.)

    Already forwarded the link to Lee, so hopefully you'll have another order soon. ;-)

  2. You're welcome!

    As for "... [h]e'd make me approach a member, likely Lee or Steve ...":
    I've always found them very approachable, even though (like most indie geeks ;-)) I'm shy around people I don't know very well. Just don't be a drooling fanboy/girl and you'll be fine. ;-)

  3. The ISBN stickers are on the first ten books after the first 100. So far I've sold 97 books. After I sell three more, I'm going to shop the stickered copies to certain bookstores.