Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A "No Hosea" Zone

The beauty of Bravo's new "Top Chef: Masters" is that the participants are head to toe boss. Rick Bayless. Wylie Dufresne. Art Smith. No one taking part is a weak link anywhere by any standard. This is one brilliant detour from the usual TC formula.

The other sublime twist is that with businesses to run and brands to sustain, these guys and gals can't afford to be sequestered in a condo. So each week four chefs battle it out, with one winner earning a spot in the finals.

This should be "Top Chef" as the fans really truly desire. Top notch food and food technique; genuine personalities (they've already reached the peak of their profession, no need to Danny Gagnon it up); and best of all, no retarded internecine romances.

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