Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can't Sue Me!

Or maybe they can. Veteran hip hop duo M.O.P. (stands for Mash Out Posse, kids) are suing the WWE for 150 grand over an unauthorized sample of their song "Ante Up" in John Cena's new entrance music. Apparently, the WWE approached M.O.P. about using a bit of the song and the Brownsville boys wisely declined. Who the hell wants their greatest song thrown into the theme tune for some garbage-ass "wrestler" who will be dead before age 50 anyway?

Remember when Cyndi Lauper actually "joined" the WWF to manage Wendi Richter and beef with Lou Albano? Wow, remember when there Vince's sewer tank actually had some female grapplers who actually, uh, wrestled? You know, women who could actually sell their moves and had some appeal beyond boobs and butt? It was a long time ago, but trust me, it happened.

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