Friday, May 16, 2008

Dead Men (And Dogs) Wear No Shoes

Kurt Cobain Converse was inevitable. The only thing that shocks me is the $50-60 price tag.

Admittedly, if you're going to have a shoe all funked out with art, it may as well be Chucks. There's even a site devoted to it: Punk Your Chucks. It was a year and a half ago that I found that chunk of Interweb; it looked far different, and had nowhere near the celebrity endorsement. I was impressed enough to deem their artists worthy of adding another item to my already-impressive Snoopy collection. I sent the pictures I wanted depicted on said shoes, got a quote, sent payment, and waited.

My punked pair arrived two days before my birthday, and I was beyond thrilled with the finished product. I've only worn them once, choosing instead to keep them on display as they deserve. They will remain forever striking. They were, for a time, unique.

Hell, I'm not mad at the good folks at A little frustrated, maybe. Part of the appeal of getting some Snoopys from them was that they did not have a template pair when I made my request. If anybody orders the "Snoopy" model from the site, they're ordering my shoes. Instead of sending in their own friggin' idea, you see.

Oh well...a bitchin' sneaker is a bitchin' sneaker.

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