Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Merzbow Endangered By Wilbur

Snoopy sez, "C.C. Sofatsia is overpaid." He also nods in the general direction of his owner's MLB manifestation.

Charlie Brown's yellow-and-black tee is just a ruse, trust me. He rocks the red, and the Penguins are straight Shermy status this round.

I'm going to stop pulling for the Sharks as my go-to West team. Mama Cass never choked, but they sure do.

Rest in peace to another Snoopesseur. We're a special group.

Jim O'Rourke has always struck me as the modern-day Schroeder.

Recipe for success: don't be like Chuck.

This always appealed to me about the writer life.

Interesting piece.

Teacher of the year!

Fucking classic. I await further installments.

More Reunion reviews. That one was good; here's one that's not.

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