Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Wilburs Revenge

Snoopy dance?

Seems like all the dudes on The Simpsons staff know their Nuts.

Liz and Linus.

, but where's her Marcie equivalent?

How did I never play this game growing up? I played The Empire Strikes Back one to death after death.

This site looks absolutely incredible. I look forward to delving tonight.

More ball gags. Ya pervs!

I'll be moving and getting a new job this August. Still doing the real estate, kid.

Some Snoopy's Reunion reviews, ranging from yet another guy who traffics in preconceived notions about what he thinks a thing he did not create should be to people who just review the product.

I love when the ball gags are related to sports. Bart gets to sit up front 'cause he's a good guy at sports!

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