Monday, March 16, 2009

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Collapsing New Veins

This guy is doing "a little right-wing Snoopy dance." You don't have to put in a qualifier, if you're doing a Snoopy dance, you're doing a Snoopy dance. It's not any more or less joyous because of political beliefs. That being said, those words between the quotation marks just seem so wrong together. SIGH.

Lucy would love this.

It's (sadly) official: the Charlie Brown All-Stars video game has been cancelled. Good grief fa real.

See, not all Republicans are fascistic, spiteful dunderbrains.

Missed it last week, but tune in this Sunday at 5 PM for what promises to be an especially blockheaded episode of Ace of Cakes. Balto, stand up!

Schulz City

Some insight into the ball gag, first comment. Very interesting.

"Irrational anti-Bush hatred". Seriously, how could you ever look upon that man without affection and compassion? People like that must be impossible to talk to!

Pain does hurt. I had blood drawn today and the med student "practicing" on me had to stick both arms. Although, it was not her fault that the vein in the first arm collapsed.

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