Sunday, February 8, 2009

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Die Grammys Die

Which is of course German for, "The Grammys the."

Just a reminder, Snoopys Reunion out on DVD April 7th.

Once again, Japan is winning. Whether humiliating a comedian by making him attend a mock press conference where his ex-wife is announcing her remarriage to another, older comedian, or getting all the cool Nintendo shit early, it's impossible to not admire the Land of the Rising. I hereby beseech any natives with Flickr accounts to upload shots of these ads when possible.

Dude was nicknamed after two cartoon characters and still sucked at life.

I had no idea that the Puppy Bowl took place in Silver Spring. Or that a beagle won MVP, but you know, first Uno now Matilda, Snoopy's legions know no end to the glory.

The 33rd anniversary of Vince Guaraldi's death was marked this past week, and one man went out to find the spot where Guaraldi lived his last moments, and where he was laid to rest.

of football gag references. I cannot believe the DTV switch has had to be moved to June. I seriously thought this country was showing some greater mass intelligence. They have been running the fucking ads for months.

There's no way I'm not listening to this.

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