Monday, December 15, 2008

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Pack Your Troubles In Your Old Shit Bag

Seems I posted a similar story last holiday season. Some people got no respect.

The couple that picks together sticks together.

Ron Santo, you know I've had it up to here with Cubs fans desperate bitching. It's reaching Red Sox proportions, y'all, it really is. Of course, yes, sure, Ron Santo deserves to be in the Hall. Although if he played any position other than third base with those numbers, he wouldn't even be considered. of the best moments of the modern NFL. Let's watch again! And here's another sporty one.

Political writers--lazy or awesome? I choose, lawesome.

There are literally far too many blogs and news sites that reference the Charlie Brown tree this time of year. Seriously, way more articles than needles on that sad tree. Google it you don't believe. You'll get 70 jatillion hits, even more than if you typed "hot asian bukkake hooker S&M". So here are links to the stories that I found the most interesting. (Note on that last one: it would probably break the author's heart to find out that Coca-Cola had blatant advertisements in the original airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas, eh?)

This is awesome. But spell his fucking last name right. (Related: I am now officially in the finals of my fantasy league. More later in the week.)

I always forget Gremlins is a Christmas movie. Who can forget Phoebe Cates filling our hearts with warmth and laughter telling that story about the time her pops dressed up as the big boy Claus!

Number one in all conceivable ways.

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