Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Purple and Gold

Sorry for the delay...Firefox has been a bitch about crashing lately, and I had to retrieve all my Peanuts links.

It's a Thanksgiving explosion: behold the king of Macys! How the fuck are you putting A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Weezer in the same sentence! A real American Idol takes a picture with some midget poser loser! Ratings improved slightly! And big up lesbians! This is the best Peanuts-related writing you'll cast orbs upon outside of this here blog.

Snoopy had nothing to do with Charlie Brown's tree. That was Blockhead alone, with Linus as a disbelieving Thomas. Don't you remember Snoopy's hysterical doggy laughter at the very sight of that twig?

"During a Father's Day trip to an amusement park, Snoop is excited to have the family introduce him to his namesake, Snoopy, and takes photos with the comic strip legend in his low-rider."

Shit. I may have to watch that.

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