Monday, November 17, 2008

Peanuts is Timeless, Pt. The Doctor Will See You Now or Later

The J & P Show gotta hit these folks up sometime, eh?

The upcoming Snoopy video game will not hit stores till 2010. Good grief.

Football gags here, there, but thankfully not everywhere. Speaking of which, November 16th marked the 56th anniversary of possibly the most timeless thing about the strip.

Nice to see one of my favorite Peanuts lines pop up here.

So why is Peanuts so popular? 'Cause millions of people like it. It hits some chamber in the heart for millions, and has for generations. But this blogger is one of the no doubt countless millions for whom Peanuts does not strike the mark. People are made different. Ain't that a kick in the.

I need to start reviewing these books, damnit.

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