Monday, October 20, 2008

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Bounce Bounce Snoopy Bounce

I hate that the Snoopy Bounce at Camp Snoopy is for kids only. Why the hell can't a big ol' adult such as myself flop around like an idiot inside the tent?

Who's that Joe? Who's that Joe? He's just the coolin'est Joe you know.

The drawing is scary, in that if Schulz himself ever drew Lucy as a bear, that's what he'd come up with.

This is great; I maintain my fandom of Kathy Griffin despite my boyfriends rampant distaste for her self-aware comedic antics. Also, who knew Sharon Gless was still alive? Check out the official website and vote, damn you.

I still need to see this footage. SNL knows that Peanuts delivers.

Please do not compare the Chicago Bears to anything in Peanuts. I loathe the Marshmallows of the Midway.

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