Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The 50 Greatest Love Songs of All-Time, Pt. 5

10. "The Black Arts", Stereolab--An unusually erotic turn by the airy pop act, made all the more enchanting (and slippery sweet) by the back masking of Jim O'Rourke.

9. "I Love Her All the Time", Sonic Youth--An ode to a woman and a city. I put this on here over "The Diamond Sea" because this song directly acknowledges the nerve-twisting of any solid, effective relationship. The music then simulates said feeling.

8. "Waterloo", ABBA--If there was ever a gay Army division, they would have to have an anthem. This would be it. More than that, this is the type of "love is inevitable, let it happen" song that you can dance very badly to.

7. "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic", the Police--The hi-hat-and-piano slink intro sure makes up for that fake reggae part near the end.

6. "Get Ready", Rare Earth--White boys on Motown cover an rhythm and blues classic and do it better. Disproves further the myth that nothing good can come of the drummer singing. Way tight.

5. "Oh!", Sleater-Kinney--"It's all in my pocket/I call it my rocket". Oh, the innuendo! A great bands greatest song and an egalitarian call to arms.

4. "Shine a Little Love", ELO--Jeff Lynne started ELO to remake "I Am the Walrus" over and over. This is "I Am the Walrus" reimagined as love song, right down to the "woo"'s.

3. "God Only Knows", Beach Boys--From using the word "God" in the title, right down to the french horns, this is classic pop. Many people point out the first line as jarring ("I may not always love you") but come on...the rest of the lyrics call bullshit on that.

2. "Maybe I'm Amazed", Wings--The throaty proclamations of a man in real love, which means he's not exactly sure, but he's never fucking bored.

1. "Your Song", Elton John--Just the right blend of heartfelt sentiment and endearing self-deprecation. Straightforward. Timeless.

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