Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Peanuts Is Timeless, Pt. Living Well

It's happened again...a presidential election forthcoming and I've already given up and looked to the dog for salvation.

Now, when you slag Hillary, don't forget to use the same unflattering pics everyone does. I'd say only use photos of Obama the Great that show him in a godlike glow, but oh wow, aren't they all?

I have a toy of Snoopy on his typewriter for pretty much the same purpose.

Reimaginings like this are far more palatable than the frequent "porno Peanuts" creations I see here and there on the Net. Better drawn, too.

You know who really lost their blankey? The Spurs. Not even the state of Texas feels sorrowful.

Reminder: the Penguins are not going to win the most beloved trophy in sports. They may win one more game. At home. But when they go back to Detroit, it's all over baby.

This article reminds me of the AP story concerning the 2005 tsunami. How can a stuffed dog represent so much?

And how can simple strips bring in so much moolah? Well, Peanuts did it again, and yet again I bring you the panels to gaze upon. I can totally see why the Sunday went for more than double the weekdayer. Not only larger, but also later animated for A Boy Named Charlie Brown.

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