Monday, April 28, 2008

Peanuts Is Timeless: For Kim Gordon

The singer/bassist/guitarist/artist/writer/style goddess turns 55 today. So this is for Lisa. I mean, Kim.

Making a Mii is easily 20% of the fun in owning a Wii.

Requisite number of football gag refs, with the most mindblowing one courtesy of Within the space of 19 paragraphs concerning the Democratic nominee race, the author manages not only to come off as a simp for his man...not only make a Peanuts mention...but pulls Sophie's Choice out of his ass in making the "observation" that Barack Obama has "left" Hillary Clinton. What the hell is this nonsensical nonsense? That isn't misplacement of gravity at all, sir, no not one bit. I really recommend reading the entire piece, as it is proves people can still type technically (at least) cohesive essays with sheep shavings draped over their eyes.

Now, help yourself to some Kim G.

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